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Czech Valentine

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The Saint Valentine Day’s traditions in the Czech Republic are nearly identical with those celebrated in the States or in other parts of western Europe. However, there are some differences. Read about the history of Valentine’s Day in my country and the typical Valentine Day’s gifts.

Although this holiday has been around since the Middle Ages, it has been unknown to most Czechs until only about a decade ago. This was mainly, I suppose, because the communist regime viewed this holiday as too “western.”
So if Czechs have been more than happy to adopt this foreign tradition of giving their lovers flowers, cards or small gifts on St Valentine’s Day, what do they actually give each other? Is it the same as everywhere else or do their Valentines’ gifts have a particularly Czech theme?
Some presents are the same and some have a more local flavor: Twelve red roses is definitely the most popular gift. But people also give a bottle of Bohemia Sekt – that’s very Czech – with the flowers or they’ll request a box of chocolates to be delivered with the flowers along with the bottle.

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