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Volcanoes and Rain are flooding the Economy of Ecuador

After weeks of rain President Rafael Correa has declared Ecuador in a state of emergency. A third of the population has been affected by the floods. According to the United Nations, 125.000 people need immediate help because 50% of the country is flooded.

On the other hand, “Tungurahua” a volcano in the center of Ecuador has been increasing its activity since January and has caused the displacement of 1,700 people. The flooding have caused the death of five people and 30% of the crops in the emergency area have been lost. The main crops lost were banana, cacao, rice, and corn plantations. People have lost their homes. Children are not studying. Many people have health problems caused by the floods and respiratory problems caused by the ash (the ash of the volcano is a harmful thing that gets into your eyes and lungs, it is extremely thin, it gets everywhere). Both emergencies are impacting the economy of Ecuador to the extent that most resources have been sent to the affected areas instead of long term investments in Education, Health, and Infrastructure.
We have two season in Ecuador: winter and summer. Winter is hot and rainy for the coast and the rain forest and is wet and cold for the highlands. Summer is cold and dry for the coast (for Ecuadoreans at the coast standards’ which is around 70 degrees) and hot and dry for the highlands. Since I remember, Ecuador has had serious problems over the winter as there is flooding almost every year which hits coastal populations all the time. I remember my Geology Teacher “Theofilos” telling us how investing time in prevention would be much cheaper than acting when there are catastrophes that could have been prevented. The Government of Ecuador has had problems giving funds for towns to build the necessary infrastructure prevent rivers from overflowing. Moreover, flooding and volcano eruptions are hitting Ecuador hard; this weather has been particularly rough and in general I feel that it would take any government by surprise, I do hope that eventually Ecuador adopts prevention policies.
Even though the tension continues adults and children look for the opportunity to relax, some people make the most of the fact that some rivers have more water and they swim, play, and joke… believe me, Ecuador is a charismatic place.
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