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Ecuador’s political situation »

In this edition I would like to talk about the latest events in Ecuador and a final note will be on its implications to personal security. These last couple of weeks have been pretty intense for Ecuador. On Saturday March 1rst, the Colombian air force dropped bombs on a “Revolutionary Armed Forced of Colombia” (FARC) […]

Czech Political Events »

I chose two articles that talk about current political events in my country. The Czech president Vaclav Klaus has been re-elected for another 5 years term. And the second article summarizes the Czech prime minister’s position on the US presidential candidates. In the extended entry, I summarized the current Czech political situation. Thanks for reading!

Today’s Political Situation in Sweden »

Sweden is a constitutional monarchy, which means that king Carl XVI Gustaf Bernadotte is head of state but his power is limited to official and ceremonial function. After the 2006 election the Alliance, four center-right parties, were able to form a government in Sweden. Since 1932 Sweden has been mainly governed by the Social Democratic […]

Political Situation in Vietnam – From a Viet point of view »

Growing up in a communist state, I really didn’t care that much about politics. (No! They didn’t brainwash me. I was just not that into it). However, since I came to the states, I became more and more interested in the subject. (It’s kind of hard to ignore politics with all the stuff the media […]