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Czech Political Events

jan copy.jpgI chose two articles that talk about current political events in my country. The Czech president Vaclav Klaus has been re-elected for another 5 years term. And the second article summarizes the Czech prime minister’s position on the US presidential candidates. In the extended entry, I summarized the current Czech political situation. Thanks for reading!

The legislative branch of the Czech government involves parliament and senate. There are two major and four other significant parties. This system repeatedly produces very weak governments and there is constant talk about changing it but without much chance of really pushing the reform through. An attempt to increase majority elements by tweaking the system parameters by the two major parties during their “opposition agreement” 1998–2002 was vehemently opposed by smaller parties and blocked by the Constitutional Court as going too much against the constitution-stated proportional principle; only a moderated form was adopted. This, however led to a stalemate in 2006 elections where both the left and the right each gained exactly 100 seats; as many commenters point out, the earlier system would have given the right 3-4 seats majority.
A government formed of a coalition of the the major right-winged party and two center parties finally succeeded in winning a vote of confidence on January 19th, 2007. However, its originally quite radical reform had to be significantly compromised in order for it to be passed by the equally numbered opposition.

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