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Ecuador’s political situation

In this edition I would like to talk about the latest events in Ecuador and a final note will be on its implications to personal security.
These last couple of weeks have been pretty intense for Ecuador. On Saturday March 1rst, the Colombian air force dropped bombs on a “Revolutionary Armed Forced of Colombia” (FARC) camp which was in Ecuadorian soil at the border with Colombia. After the bombing, the Colombian Army sent land forces to make sure that the bombings had actually killed their target, and they did. The Colombian forces killed more than 20 people related to the Guerrilla including Raul Reyes who was a senior commander for FARC.

As could be expected, this situation generated an International law and a diplomatic conflict. The Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, shut the Ecuadorian Embassy in Colombia. Hugo Chavez did the same thing and both presidents announced that troops were being deployed to their borders. After conversations at the Rio Group Summit which was held in Dominican Republic, the three countries involved: Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela, shook hands and resolved their differences.
The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa asked the intervention of the Organization of American States (OAS). An OAS committee arrived on Sunday 9th to Quito (Ecuador’s capital) to help clarify the events. They have gone to the place where the bombings took place, Angostura, which is very close to the border in order to get a sense of what happened. This visit is giving a legitimate proof that the bombings violated Ecuadorian territory and sovereignty.
President Correa has asked the OAS to conform an International force that controls the border. Let’s see what comes next.
One thing to take into consideration, especially to all of you who are planning to travel to Ecuador. It is NOT dangerous to travel to Ecuador right now; the events took place in a very specific place in the rain forest thousands of miles away from Quito. Even if you are considering in going to the rain forest, I believe that is fine as well.
If you want more information on the news try:
El Comercio (Ecuadorian newspaper – Spanish)

BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7284597.stm

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