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Today’s Political Situation in Sweden

Sweden is a constitutional monarchy, which means that king Carl XVI Gustaf Bernadotte is head of state but his power is limited to official and ceremonial function. After the 2006 election the Alliance, four center-right parties, were able to form a government in Sweden. Since 1932 Sweden has been mainly governed by the Social Democratic Party with few exceptions.

Since 1994 they have governed together with the Green Party and The Swedish Left Party. According to Swedish research consultancy Demoskop, Swedish center-right government coalition would not gain renewed power if there were an election today. The Alliance gets 37.9% percent and the left-wing coalition gets 55.4%. If a vote were to be held today, the Swedish Left Party on the left wing and the Christian Democrats in the Alliance would not make it into the parliament, receiving less than 4% of the vote. The Swedish Democrats, a nationalist party currently not in parliament, receive only 2.5%.
A current political issue in the government today is a coalition split over a controversial school proposal from the Liberal Party, calling for obligatory attendance of immigrant girls in sports, swimming, sex education and school trips, even if the parents are opposed on religious or cultural grounds. The Liberals argue that several teenage girls from immigrant parents are currently being denied the right to attend these kinds of activities that are part of Sweden’s mandatory school program. The three coalition partners, the Moderate conservatives, Center Party and the Christian Democrats argue that the proposal would possibly create a conflict between the young women and their parents. This conflict should be solved at a individual level without state involvement.

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