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Archive for April 8th, 2008

India YouTube link »

Check out my video!

Svenska YouTube inslag (Swedish YouTube links) »

Here are some Swedish youtube links, as swedish as it gets, enjoy!!

Ecuador, Life at its purest »

Hope you get the chance to check out this video below::

Lead India »

Estonian Song Festivals »

This note presents clips on Estonian song festivals, part of UNESCO heritage of intangible and oral masterpieces. The festivals summon large numbers of the Estonian people together to sing and enjoy the summer weather. Currently the participating choirs number in the 800s and singers number around 22 thousand. Visitors can number in hundreds of thousands, […]

Czech in Motion »

Czech Tourism ad (30sec), Prague (7min), My Country’s Modern History: Vaclav Havel and Over-throw of the Communist Regime 1989 (10min) and Mountain biking on the trails around my house in eastern Czech Republic (4min) !

Japanese Tradition-Sushi »

This video clip is pretty hilarious. But, I wonder who it was made for. If this is some sort of a comedy for Japanese people, I think that’s awesome. Anyways, enjoy this video. You can learn how to eat sushi at a sushi bar or Japanese restaurant. But, you might better ask your Japanese friends […]

A world without Romania »

Here is a cool link on Romania:

Interesting (or Not?) YouTube Links »

Quynh Anh is a Vietnamese girl but growing up in Belgium. She speaks little Vietnamese and thinks “more like a Belgian”. This beautiful song is her way to express her curiousity about her origin