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Estonian Song Festivals

heiki copy.jpgThis note presents clips on Estonian song festivals, part of UNESCO heritage of intangible and oral masterpieces.

The festivals summon large numbers of the Estonian people together to sing and enjoy the summer weather. Currently the participating choirs number in the 800s and singers number around 22 thousand. Visitors can number in hundreds of thousands, which for a nation of million is a large proportion.

The lyrics of the song “Ta lendab mesipuu poole” (He Flies Towards The Beehive) are about a bee trying to make way to the beehive and missing home. For an Estonian student here in Willamette the allegory is obvious.


“Minu inimesed” (My people) is a song by the Estonian hip-hop artist Chalice that has come to unite the Estonian people in recent years like only a true national anthem can. The lyrics contrast sharply the self-interest mentality currently rampant in the Estonian society.


Although most of the songs sung are very patriotic, some are more fun, like “Kikilips” (Bow Tie), originally a rock and roll song, here sung by the boy’s choirs.


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