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Minami from Japan »

Hello all. I am the new Language Assistant from Japan. I am actually from TIUA 2005 and I come back here about 3 years later. At Willamette, nothing seems to have changed but the people.

Bonjour tout le monde! »

Hi everyone ! My name is Simon and I come from France. I am the new French language assistant at Willamette for this year! I am really happy to be here as it’s my 1st time in the United States.

Presentation of Moldova »

Hi, everyone! My name is Olga and I am an international student from Moldova. I come from its beautiful capital city Chisinau. Here’s a short video to introduce the city:

New Member in the countries list: ARGENTINA »

Hello everyone, my name is Jose Luis Bianchi from Argentina. I have a bachelor’s degree in audiovisual and I am working for the language department at Willamette.

Holis »

Hi all, I’m Monica Diaz from Chile and I will be at Willamette for this year working as a language assistant for the Spanish department.

こんにちわ »

Hi~I’m Yu Senzaki who is an international student from Japan and a transfer student that tranferred as a junior. I’m an Econ major, so you probably can see me in Smullin many times.(*'-')b

Hi everyone! »

My name is Indira and I recently joined this blog. I graduated from Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen in March 2008 and I am the current German Teaching Assistant at Willamette University.

Hi, I am lin jing, »

Hi, I am Lin Jing, form China. I graduated from Beijing Normal University. Now I am the Chinese language assistant in Chinese department of WU.

Let’s watch it!!! »

Bonjour and Tervehdys, We are two new fresh international students studying at Willamette this year. I am Anne from the University of Turku in Finland.

Luis from the center of the world!! »

Hi everybody! Mi name is Luis Mancheno, but you can just call me Luis. A lot of people probably have seen me already walking on campus because I am the mail man!!. I know.. it is not really cool.. but well… it pays the bills.

A word from a former WWN contributor… »

I moved to MO for a graduate Math program. I came across something interesting, and thought I’d share it with you. Apparently it “snowed” in some places in Kenya, and everyone got excited. The link below has pictures and brief comments.

Dobry den from France! »

Dobry den is “good day” in my native language – Czech, but it comes from France, where I’m studying for the next semester. Being sent to study abroad by Willamette University where I study abroad, I’ve become kind of a double international student.