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Hi~I’m Yu Senzaki who is an international student from Japan and a transfer student that tranferred as a junior. I’m an Econ major, so you probably can see me in Smullin many times.(*'-')b

If you’re interested in Japanese culture and run into me on campus, just yell my name since my first name is such a easy name for everyone to pronounce and remember. It may cause confusion because of the pronunciation of my name though. Okay, it’s enough for me, how’ve you been??”(  ´   ▽   `  )ノ”
Say, here’s an video I’d like to share with you. The video shows a popular propose way in Japan among youth.
You can see the video on the right side of the webpage.
First of all, they’ll show you an MSN advertisement —-just ignore it, it only takes two seconds.
then the show starts, and I promised you it’s entertaining.
if you want to make the screen bigger, click the small box which is next to the volume bar.
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