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Bonjour tout le monde!

Hi everyone !
My name is Simon and I come from France. I am the new French language assistant at Willamette for this year! I am really happy to be here as it’s my 1st time in the United States.

I come from Angers which is the main city of the ‘Anjou’ area, in North-West France. Angers is not far from Paris (1 hour and a half with the high speed train known as TGV) and there you can enjoy the nice Loire Valley with all its beautiful Renaissance castles while the ocean is not far either. I graduated in Foreign Languages in 2007 and last year I was already a Foreign Language Assistant in London and since then, I have been really into travelling! More recently I have been in Haiti as a volunteer in an orphanage, so I you want to know more about it, come and talk to me! I am now really looking forward to visiting the States, all suggestions are very welcome. I will try to be a good reporter for all the big events happening in France and will post them on this blog.
See you soon.

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