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Let’s watch it!!!

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Bonjour and Tervehdys,
We are two new fresh international students studying at Willamette this year.
I am Anne from the University of Turku in Finland.

I have English Translation Studies as a major, and North American Studies and Media Studies as minors. I think that watching movies is the best way to escape reality and step into someone else’s shoes for a while. Just as I have done coming to the US, and experiencing the world from another point of view.
I am Raphaelle from France; I have been studying Film Studies in my university in Paris for five years now. I’m really pleased to be here right now, meeting people from all over the world has been certainly one of the best experience I had if my life.
Getting to know different cultures is the best way to open yourself to the world and also to know yourself better. And one of the good things about the Cinema is that it is a fun way to share experiences with people.
So we would like to share our passion with you and invite you all to join us and eventually help us to begin a series of movie nights with the theme of cultural differences…
We are planning to watch a movie every two weeks on Monday evenings. If you want to, you can help us choose the movies.
More information will come in the next few days.
Feel free to contact us.
Anne : asaari@willamette.edu
Raphaelle : rbigaud@willamette.edu

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