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Luis from the center of the world!!

Hi everybody!
Mi name is Luis Mancheno, but you can just call me Luis. A lot of people probably have seen me already walking on campus because I am the mail man!!. I know.. it is not really cool.. but well… it pays the bills.

I come from a very small country in the center of the world, it’s name is Ecuador, and it is located in South America between Colombia and Peru. For the people who don’t know… we speak Spanish in Ecuador, and yes… we are very different from the rest of the countries in South America, I think that every country is unique and we are unique too. Our population is very diverse and multicultural… so if you ever go to Ecuador you’ll have a lot of different cultural experiences depending with the people that you hang out with or the places that you visit. Other interesting fact about Ecuador that not a lot of people know.. is that The Galapagos Islands are part of our country.. I bet you didn’t know that!!.
Well… I supposed to be talking about myself and not about the country where I come from, but I don’t like to do it, so.. I’m just going to tell you that I go to Law School here and I would like to have my specialization in Environmental Law and in the future I would like to work for an NGO or probably the UN. I’m really looking forward to talking about the interesting things that we Ecuadorians have to offer to the rest of the world and well… I’m also really excited about listening to the rest of the people who are going to be writing for this blog. I hope to get a lot of comments from you guys. This has to be a very interactive blog.. like facebook is.

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