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The issue of wasting food in Japan

I’d like to introduce Second Harvest Japan—–the 1st food bank in Japan. This firm was actually started by an American navy officer, Charles McJilton, who was studying in Japan and graduated from Jyochi Daigaku (Sophia University). There are two youtube videos about this food bank company in the link below.

Basically it’s talking about how much food Japanese waste through the distribution route. Such as if there’s a crack on the box, the box of food will be thrown away. If we calculate these kinds of waste to monetary value, it’ll be $1,500,000 every year.
The beginning of the video is swing. It doesn’t mean your computer hates you, or the video is broken, it’s just the video taper didn’t do a great job at the beginning.
There are two things that I think are interesting about this issue :
1) Why Japanese is so strictly about the security of food.
2) What Charles thinks of this issue as an American.
The last part of the video, when the reporter asked Charles McJilton about the reason of starting that, he said:
(My country is Japan, my community is Japan, and I’m so selfish that I only desire to live in a well-off society. )
Also, there are two materials about this issue if you’re interested in. <——-my favorite part.
The website of Second Harvest Japan:
A news about the food bank in Japan:
BTW, Second Harvest Japan is located in Akihabara, the street is known by Manga and electrical fittings in Tokyo.

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