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The Day of the Dead »

Ecuadorians did not used to celebrate Halloween, until a couple of years ago when consumerism brought this foreign holiday to our cities. Now it is common to see that young people go out to go to parties for Halloween, but this is really just another excuse to get together and drink. No trick or treat!

Japanese people do wear costumes for Halloween. »

Usually Halloween is such a big day for firms. They are busy trying to create “the special goods” which are only sold in a certain period of time.

Wine Festival in Moldova »

Hi! My name is Vladimir. I come from Moldova. Have you ever heard about this country? Of course, if you visit and read World News Blog.

Halloween in Chile???? »

Just a few years ago that Chilean people started celebrating Halloween. This is not a special date for us; only the children go out and nock on the doors around theirs neighborhoods asking for some candy.

Celebrating Halloween »

This is going to be the first time I’m going to celebrate Halloween since it’s the first time I’m in the USA for this part of the year. This Irish tradition is only celebrated in some of the English spoken countries, but since it is celebrated in the US it is world famous. But in […]

Halloween in France »

Halloween is on its way, let’s talk about what it represents in France. Halloween in France is rather controversial, due to the fact that it is not a typical French holiday and some people still do not understand what is being celebrated.

Halloween in Germany »

Halloween wasn’t popular in Germany until the early 90s. These days, however, shop windows are filled with plastic merchandise many weeks before. Carving pumpkins has become more and more popular, but Halloween is not an official German holiday.

a Chinese ghost movie »

Although there is no Halloween in China, we have many ghost related stories. I’d like to introduce a new Chinese movie named “Painted Skin.” It is a ghost movie, but also a love story. It was adapted from a famous folk story from China.

Halloween Controversy in Russia »

Hallows Eve in Russia – more of controversy and less of a masquerade than it should be. What justification do opponents of this Western tradition use?