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Halloween in Chile????

Just a few years ago that Chilean people started celebrating Halloween. This is not a special date for us; only the children go out and nock on the doors around theirs neighborhoods asking for some candy.

At first we start with “dulce o travesura” (trick or treat) but this became a problem because some people started making acts of vandalism so now all the communities are trying to teach their children that instead of said trick or treat they will ask for some candy and they will give in exchange a little thing made by their hands like paper flowers or a drawing. Also the costumes are different than in USA.
The most important thing about this day is that the day after, November 1st is “El día de todos los Santos” (the day of all the saints) a very important holiday at my country. In this day all the people that have a dead relative visit them at the cemetery.
There isn’t any type of harvest related with October 31st in Chile, is only a day that the stores take advantage of to sell more candy and adopt this date like any other commercial date.

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