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Archive for November 19th, 2008

Letter from the Editor: U.S. Elections »

Hello World News readers! We, the World News editorial team, decided to start publishing a small “Letter from the Editor” to introduce the theme of the issue and give some of our own perspectives. This issue, we chose the theme of international reactions to the recent U.S. election results.

France warmly welcomes the 44th President of the United States »

Like in Europe, France got very excited about the US elections and the French have been following the debates and showing interest in the race for the presidency for a long time before the final results. Here is a video that shows how French people were concerned about the elections and how diverse their opinions […]

Different Reactions on Obama’s Victory in Czech »

Although the reaction of the Czech public to the victory of Barack Obama would be a little difficult to objectively generalize, we can, if we take a broad view, say that it was largely positive. I have encountered three different views while talking to my friends from the Czech Republic.

Cold War II Averted? Russia’s take on Obama vs McCain. »

You will probably read about how the whole world is getting the aggressive “hope” vibe from Obama in other World News entries by my colleagues, but I will tell you something you won’t likely see anywhere else:
the fact that McCain LOST was a better indicator of change coming to the U.S. that Obama having been elected.

Germany loves Obama »

As almost everywhere on the planet, this year’s US presidential election was a gigantic media spectacle in Germany. As in the US, German euphoria reached the dimensions of an international sports event.

Barack Obama and Latin America »

Across Hispanic America, people are celebrating the election of Barack Obama. Even though this region will probably not be one of Obama’s top-tier priorities—given the U.S. economic crisis and the challenges he will face in the Middle East and Asia—there are different ways he could demonstrate his commitment to the region.

Presidential elections outside the US »

Today may sound like far away in time, but it’s been only two weeks since the last presidential elections in the United States of America. There are divided feelings within the American people, but how did the media cover this historic election in the rest of the world?

China willing to work with Obama for better bilateral relations »

China willing to work with Obama for better bilateral relations 20:10, November 06, 2008 Source: Xinhua China on Thursday expressed its willingness and openness to work with U.S. president-elect Barack Obama and his team for healthy and stable Sino-U.S. relations.

Any “change” in Japan??? »

How Japanese feels about this elections? Hard to say. Politicians are saying that no matter who is the next president, the strong relationship between Japan and the US would not change.