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Any “change” in Japan???

How Japanese feels about this elections? Hard to say. Politicians are saying that no matter who is the next president, the strong relationship between Japan and the US would not change.

Some experts(not sure they are economists or not) are concern of the possibility that Obama will withdraw from Iraq very soon, and that it may cause oil prices to go up and hurt Japan’s economy.
Workers have considered pros and cons of that: New “change” may stimulate stocks price. v. Obama is too young and optimistic.
Most people are concerned how different Obama will be from the last U.S. presidents..
There are two videos related to this topic that I would like to share:
The First video talks about how Japanese People feel:
These are some of the Interesting things of the videos that I would like to highlight:
1) This is a town named Obama-shi (shi means city and town in Japanese), which is the exact same pronunciation of Obama. ( When TV news mention Obama, they call him Obama-shi, and shi right after name means respect to the person in japanese.
There is a video about Obama-city in English:
Obama town people actually made a song for Obama, and you can see it at the first 1/3 part of the first video.(There are also some groups of people that call themselves Obama-ranger and Obama-girls.)
2) Higashikokubaru Chiji (Higashikokubaru governor, the charge of Miyazaki state.) He was known for some famous TV shows, and after he became a Chiji, he became more popular by his honest and modest personality.
Here is a link to an article in wikipedia that talks about Higashikokubaru Chiji in English:
He is popular enough that mass media decides to ask his opinion about Obama, although it may not influence Miyazaki state a lot by the changing of American president.
You also can ask your Japanese friends about him, and I think most of them will recognize his name.
Japan will support the US in any situation since Japan is a U.S. ally.

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