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France warmly welcomes the 44th President of the United States

Like in Europe, France got very excited about the US elections and the French have been following the debates and showing interest in the race for the presidency for a long time before the final results. Here is a video that shows how French people were concerned about the elections and how diverse their opinions were:

But as soon as Obama got selected for the final race, he became very popular among the French. It is believed that 80% would vote for him if they were to vote for the US elections. Moreover, Obama received support from all the French political parties, implicitly or explicitly. This following video might have helped him gain support from France:


No wonder then why almost the whole country was very happy on November 4th: 85% of French estimate that his victory is a ‘good thing’ and Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President considers himself as the closest French politician to Barack Obama, although this is not a common thought among the French. As soon as the result came out, many people went out on the streets to gather together and to celebrate the victory, like in Paris or Lyon.
The French are notably expecting changes about the protection of the environment, peace in the world and the situation in Iraq. Here is an extract of a letter sent by Sarkozy to Obama: « Recevez mes félicitations les plus chaleureuses, et à travers moi, celles du peuple français tout entier. Votre victoire brillante récompense un engagement inlassable au service du peuple américain. Elle couronne également une campagne exceptionnelle, dont le souffle et l’élévation ont prouvé au monde entier la vitalité de la démocratie américaine, en même temps qu’ils le tenaient en haleine. En vous choisissant, c’est le choix du changement, de l’ouverture et de l’optimisme qu’a fait le peuple américain ».
If you want to read more reactions from the political parties, here is the link: http://www.saphirnews.com/Obama-president-les-reactions-en-France_a9508.html
Rama Yade, a Black politician and the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and for Human Rights eventually said about this election: “What has just happened is worth 10 times the fall of the Berlin Wall. I think that today, we all feel like being Americans’.
Optimism and hope are two key features of this election. Let’s just be happy about the reinforcement of the Franco-American friendship, no matter how different our political views can be!

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