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Letter from the Editor: U.S. Elections

Hello World News readers! We, the World News editorial team, decided to start publishing a small “Letter from the Editor” to introduce the theme of the issue and give some of our own perspectives. This issue, we chose the theme of international reactions to the recent U.S. election results.

It is such a huge national and international event, it seemed like something that many people would be interested in hearing about from the diverse perspectives that the World News has to offer. Also, it has been really fascinating to see and read about reactions from around the world about the election of Obama, and I think taking on this issue in the World News brings it to a more personal, relatable level. In my opinion, it is really gratifying to see (with the majority of views from abroad) the increased hope from world leaders and people from all around the world that these elections will usher in a new era of greater international cooperation and in some cases, improved relations. However, it will be interesting to see how these expectations play out in the coming months, and what kind of policies the new administration will support in terms of foreign policy and international relations.
A little bit about our editors:
My name is Zan, I am a senior studying Politics and Spanish. I have lived in Oregon most of my life, but I’ve also spent some time living and traveling in Chile and Israel, among other places.
My name is Luis. I am a student at the Law School here at Willamette. I am from Quito – Ecuador and I have also lived there for most of my life. I love to travel and learning from other cultures. I believe that understanding diversity is the best way to change most of the inequalities that people in the world are suffering now.
Hi- I’m Jessa. I’m a sophmore and need to figure out what I want to major in! I’ve lived in three different states and really like getting to know new people and going new places!

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