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Archive for December 9th, 2008

Letter From the Editor »

Hello readers, this is Zan here to introduce our latest issue of the Willamette World News. In this issue, you’ll read about a traditional Chinese New Year, going to KFC on Christmas in Japan, and Saint Nicholas Day in the Czech Republic, and more. It is really interesting to learn about Christmas and holiday traditions […]

Winter Holiday in China »

Actually, only young people celebrate Christmas day in China. Young people just want to have fun on the holidays. So there is no real Christmas day, but we have the most important traditional holiday “Chinese New Year” in winter. It is sometimes called the Lunar New Year, especially by people outside China. It is as […]

A French Christmas »

For the last entry of the year, what could be more exciting than talking about than Christmas? Of course Christmas is a very important event in France, but maybe not for the religious reasons as it used to be a generation ago. Indeed, according to a poll, only 14% of the French see it as […]

Viejito Pascuero remember me!!! »

Christmas is celebrated in many ways across the varied landscapes and diverse families in Chile.

News Year’s comes around only twice a year »

The distinction between between the Russian Celebration of New Year’s and X-mas in America is not distinguishable – for most of the country, the celebration has taken on the more “consumerism” and “getting together with family and friends” approach.

Christmas in Germany »

Since the majority of all followers of religious belief in Germany are Christian, Christmas is a pretty big deal. In most of the households I know, however, it is a relatively secular holiday and predominantly an incentive for everyone to travel home and spend time with their families. As in other European countries, most people […]

Winter Holidays in Argentina »

The topic of this entry should be winter holidays and X-Mas. In my case I will have to make a difference considering that we celebrate Christmas during summer time. And when people in the North have winter holidays we have our summer ones.

Christmas = KFC? »

I remember once I stepped into KFC at night on Christmas Eve, they asked me to wait for a hour to buy one piece of chicken, because all of their chickens had already been reserved. KFC is not very popular as McDonald’s is, and I have seen two KFC shut down so far in my […]

Xmas in Ecuador »

With 90% of the population being Catholic, Christmas is one of the most important holidays for the country. Families get together, go to mass and pray “novenas” to celebrate “Jesus’ Birthday.” Even though this season has been changing with time, Ecuador still maintains its own traditions, especially if you go to small towns in the […]

The Holiday of Saint Nicholas »

For the last two years I have written here about the Czech Christmas traditions. The gifts are brought by baby Jesus and his little angel helpers on the evening of the 24th, the traditional Christmas dinner is potato salad and a fried carp, who lives in a family bath-tub for about a week before the […]