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Christmas = KFC?

I remember once I stepped into KFC at night on Christmas Eve, they asked me to wait for a hour to buy one piece of chicken, because all of their chickens had already been reserved. KFC is not very popular as McDonald’s is, and I have seen two KFC shut down so far in my life.

So I was really surprised, well also because I never knew that I have to make an appointment with a JUNK FOOD restaurant to get a meal.
I guess Christmas Eve and Christmas are the two busiest days for KFC in a year,
because for Japanese, the meal on Christmas eve should be fried chickens + a big cake + a glass of champagne,
(probably comes from movies.) and KFC is known by fried chickens.
Here’s a commercial message from KFC for Christmas:


Christmas is also a big holiday for a couple, and Christmas is much more a couples day rather than a family day. Usually a couple will have dinner in a fabulous restaurant, may exchange gifts, and take a walk to some famous Christmas spots such as:
1)丸の内(Marunouchi) :img4ee77eb9zikezj.jpg
2)お台場(odaiba): rbwbrdgxmastree15.jpg
3)東京タワー(tokyo tower):071212_part01_10.jpg
Some young couples or students couples will go to Tokyo Disneyland to see the special shows which only be performed during Christmas season.
Here’s one show in Tokyo Disneyland on Christmas:

Going to Tokyo Disneyland on Christmas Eve is pretty painful and time consuming because more than 70,000 people go to Disneyland on that day, and you have to take a seat at least 2 hours before the show is started.
I went there 1 hour before the Christmas show started, and all I could see were the firework in the sky.
For the Christmas gifts, it’s common for girls to knit a scarf and give it to their boyfriend on Christmas among student couples. It’s also common for girls to buy a scarf, cut or remove the label and brand tag, make it looks like a hand-kniting scarf, and give to their boyfriend.
So there’s no surprise when boys appreciate that their hand-kniting scarf from their girlfriend is so wonderful just like the one which is sold in the store.

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