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Winter Holidays in Argentina

The topic of this entry should be winter holidays and X-Mas. In my case I will have to make a difference considering that we celebrate Christmas during summer time. And when people in the North have winter holidays we have our summer ones.

Once an American girl asked me: Jose, how is it to spend Christmas without snow? Well, we are not the only ones: Australia, New Zealand and all the countries in the southern hemisphere celebrate like us, but where I come from is extremely warm by then. Last new year’s eve we were inside with air conditioner for dinner(at 11pm) because of the high temperature. But besides that the idea is the same, all the family having dinner together and then opening presents. What changes is when, for example in Argentina we celebrate Christmas’s eve, in New Zealand we celebrated the 25th at lunch, and in the US is the 25th for dinner.
This is going to be the third time I spend Christmas in the north east of the USA, that is why we will have more than enough snow.
Here I leave a video of my cousins during last X-Mas eve.

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