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Culture Shock

When we had our orientation sessions, we heard for the first time the words: “culture shock.” Then everyone was asking about “culture shock”: what is that? Am I am suffering it? Am I gonna suffer it?
Many people were sick or lost during the first weeks here because for most of them, it was their first time in a foreign country.

This is my 5th time in the US, so in my case it was a bit different. What I remember as one of the things that shocked me most were the timetables and how early people have dinner here (even more in Vermont during winter time).
After traveling in the USA and Canada during the winter break, I had a strange feeling my first time back in Salem. I had a nostalgia of being back home but realized that I was not in Argentina- I was in Salem at Willamette University. We will see what happens once I get to Argentina in May.
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