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Introducing Basma from Morocco

My name is Basma Lahmine and I am 20 year old senior studying at Willamette on exchange from Al Akhawayn University in Morocco. Al Akhawayn University is considered as one of the best universities in Morocco.

AUI provides its students with the opportunity to study abroad for one semester or a full year in Japan. Studying abroad for an exchange program is one of the best experiences in a student’s life. So, participating in an exchange program was one of my first goals that I have achieved. Indeed, I am very glad to study at Willamette University since the faculty is very skilled and the students are very friendly. My major is business administration; however, I am very interested in the field of communication. So,I have taken public speaking course in order to improve my English and strengthen my communication skills which will help me to achieve success in all aspects of life. Since communication is inevitable, irreversible and unrepeatable, we need to pay attention to the words we use and the body language as well to better communicate.
Besides my academic life, I have a lot of hobbies such as shopping, writing, listening to music, dancing, playing basketball and traveling. Indeed, basketball represents the first activity that helped me build friendships and improve my social life. Moreover, this sport taught me how important unity is and how being selfish could lead you to failure. Indeed, I spent a great time practicing basketball with my team. I also loved when we were competing with other teams since competition pushes us to enhance our level. In my leisure time, I love to write down my thoughts or sometimes if I am inspired I also write poems. Concerning music, I do not have any preferences and listen to different kind of music depending on my mood.
On the other hand, I consider travelling as my favorite hobby which explains the fact that I have traveled a lot. I love to discover different cultures, new places and meet new people. In fact, I traveled to France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Egypt, Tunisia, United Arab of Emirates, Malaysia, and Singapore. Now, is my first time in United States of America.
Each one of us has qualities and defects, but it is highly important to be able to identify and be aware of them. My qualities are: ambitious, honest, intelligent, realistic, strong personality, a critical listener and observer. On the other hand, my defects would be: stubborn, lazy and sensitive. Finally, I would like to share with you my lesson of life which is never give up and always believe in yourself. This is the key for success: NEVER GIVE UP/ ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

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