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Valentine’s Day in Morocco

By Basma Lahmine
After the New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day is the greatest day during the year since is the day of Love. Love is that wonderful feeling that gives flavor to our lives. None of us can survive without loving and being loved. Love is necessary for the well-being of our soul. In my opinion, Love is what is the most significant in our life so it deserves to be celebrated it on February 14th of each year. Actually, in Morocco it is not an official event; however, the new generation is interested in celebrating that day. So, many couples go out to restaurants to celebrate it and exchange gifts. Also, it is not just for lovers, but you can celebrate it with your friends and parents depending on how open they are.

On the other hand, Valentine’s Day is becoming more and more commercial. However, as a girl I love that- we girls like to receive gifts, so there is plenty of choices for men to choose what to offer. Hence, I would say that each day is an important day since our time is limited in this world, so don’t waste it!
Express your feelings toward the one’s you love and do not wait until Valentine’s Day to let them know how special they are. In other words, consider everyday as a Valentine’s Day!
With all my love

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