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Archive for February 28th, 2009

Here’s to Sustainability! »

“Sustainability” is a hot word right now- especially at Willamette. Out of 1068 colleges and universities participating in a survey by the National Wildlife Federation, Willamette was recognized as the most dedicated to sustainability. So we thought we extend the question “What does sustainability look like to you?” to our international friends. In this issue, […]

Promoting Sustainability in Developing Countries »

“When you are poor, environmental conservation is a luxury that you cannot afford,” David Woollcombe – Peace Child International

Sustainability in Morocco »

Like many countries in the world, Morocco also faces a serious environmental damage. Morocco suffers from huge natural resources scarcity especially for water and land. Recently, industrialization and urbanization have been creating serious issues as well.

The Environmental Conditions in Czech »

Czech Republic has been following the trends, moving toward a cleaner environment and sustainable industry practices. Things are moving, although there is still a lot to be done. I grew up in an environmentally undamaged area so my view is that of “things are good.”

Sustainability in Germany »

Germany prides itself of being a green country and claims international pioneer positions in environmental policy. A key element of the Red-Green coalition (Social Democrats and the Green Party), major changes have been brought about with the help of vice chancellor and foreign minister Joschka Fischer between 1998 and 2005, especially with regard to the […]

Sustainability- The New Way for Japanese to be Competitive in the World Economic Market »

Sustainability is such an important topic for Japan since Japan is a country which does not have many resources. Recycling, producing efficiently, and environmental production, are ecological contexts have been popularized over the past 10 years and Japanese have a high interest in sustainability.

Développement Durable en France »

There are many things that can be said about sustainability. Over the past few years, I think people in France have become more and more aware of the problems generated by the negative impact of non-recyclable items which jeopardize sustainable development. I think this feeling is shared in many countries in Europe. People get involved […]

No oil, No coal, No problem »

To a country that is numbered 7 on the list of top 20 oil reserve states according to the CIA world factbook, “sustainability,” the fancy word entering the global vocabulary list, shouldn’t ring a bell just yet. As Eugene Kozlovski, a professor of the Optimization Department in the National Institute of Geological Research of Russia […]