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Sustainability in Morocco

By Basma Lahmine
Like many countries in the world, Morocco also faces a serious environmental damage. Morocco suffers from huge natural resources scarcity especially for water and land. Recently, industrialization and urbanization have been creating serious issues as well.

Morocco is a country that has faced severe problems of air, water and soil pollution, environmental health problems, deforestation and soil erosion. Because of modernization and revolution of technology happening in Morocco, there is less interest in the environment, unawareness to this issue and more damage occurring. Indeed, this country is very vulnerable regarding impacts of global climate change. On the other hand, the Moroccan government is making enormous efforts to solve this problem. For instance, there is an integration of environmental issues within the economic and social development strategies. Moreover, in Morocco’s implemented the “National Envrionment Fund” in an effort to strengthen the financial tools. There is also a huge sensitization, information, education, assistance and promotion of partnership activities.
Nowadays, the new generation is more and more aware of this issue due to the effective sensitization in schools and throughout the media. For example, kids are taught not to throw away the garbage in the street, not to turn the water on while brushing their teeth. Also, there is an immense encouragement for the use of bicycles; nevertheless, people still prefer cars. However, Morocco has had a huge increase in the sales of small cars that consume less gas. There is an attempt to produce cars that do not work with gas, similiar to Brazil’s initiative. Finally, even though Morocco is facing this issue, there are national strategies for sustainable development. Many of them have already turned into action and collaboration by citizens.

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