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Sustainability- The New Way for Japanese to be Competitive in the World Economic Market

Sustainability is such an important topic for Japan since Japan is a country which does not have many resources. Recycling, producing efficiently, and environmental production, are ecological contexts have been popularized over the past 10 years and Japanese have a high interest in sustainability.

Firms and the Government think that dealing with the scarcity of resources is becoming major problem. They are working to innovate more ecological techniques or products that can make Japanese products more competitive to other countries.
Consumers are willing participate in ecological activities because it will create a better environment for the future generation and it saves money. For example, many housewives bring their own bag when they shop in the supermarket. This bag is called the Eco-bag, and some supermarkets are selling their own named Eco-bag.(e.g. Safeway Eco-bag). The Eco-bag is so popular because consumers can get discounts or some similar services if they bring their own bag.
Further more, switching usual household appliances to ecological household appliances is becoming popular since it saves electricity expenses a lot. Distinguishing and recycling garbage is such a usual thing in Japan and I will talk about it later.
When most people mention Japan, they will think about sushi. It gives a good evidence that Japan is a fishing country.At the same time, Japan faces the issues of the exhaustion of ocean resources as well.
Here is one video about this issue, and it is available until 03/20.
Basically, it is talking about many countries, including Japan, that are facing the the problem of the exhaustion of ocean resources. Then they talked about a place close to London and the people who live there fish in a very sustainable way. They send back small fish to the ocean and they recieve the MSC mark (a sign that is published by Marine Stewardship Council). The last part is about how Japanese fishers are trying to get the MSC mark.
There are two videos about the ways of recycling in Japan, but they are no longer available by the claim of TV Tokyo corporation. Oh well. I’d like to explain Japanese recycling ways.
People who lived in Japan probably thought the way of distinguish garbage is so crazy detailed. For example, the way to recycle plastic bottles is: 1) Wash the bottles. 2) Take off the paper or plastic paper around it. 3) Distinguish the cap of the bottle to burning garbages. 4) Dry the bottle for a day 5) Recycling the cap in the house if you can.
However, once you get used to it, it becomes really easy and you are doing something meaningful. Sustainablility is a very important topic for every country, and if only few countries stand up for it, it means nothing. The strongest and most beautiful thing is that if we all cooperate, we can do it.

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