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The Environmental Conditions in Czech

Czech Republic has been following the trends, moving toward a cleaner environment and sustainable industry practices. Things are moving, although there is still a lot to be done. I grew up in an environmentally undamaged area so my view is that of “things are good.”

But there are other areas in the Czech Republic who have been heavily polluted by industry production as well as by the black and brown coal mining. This is especially true in the area called “The Black Triangle,” which is a nickname for one of Europe’s most polluted areas – the area where Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic meet.
During the communist rule (1948 – 1989), there was no account of the environmental protection and a lot of damage has been done. Nowadays, the new clean technology is replacing the old polluting kind. People realize the importance of recycling and reusing and an average Czech household does recycle. More and more people, especially young people, realize the importance of sustainable transportation, the dangers of over-consumption etc.
Here are two articles with more info on the environmental issues in the Czech Republic.

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