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Gender Issues »

In case you didn’t know, March 8 was International Women’s Day. And while it may seem like gender inequality is a thing of the past, discrimination still exists, both here in America and abroad. In this issue, our contributors address the issues of gender disparities and identify progress their countries are making towards equality. In […]

France Celebrates International Women’s Day »

Following a decision of the United Nations, the 8th of March was made the official day for women worldwide in 1977. The socialist government chose to apply it in France in 1982. Unlike many countries, this is not a day off but a time when many events take place across the country. One of these […]

Trying to leap over the gender gap… »

…and missing the other edge by a few $ grand in the difference of salaries. Very few, if any at all, “first-world” countries can pride themselves on the non-existence of a salary gender gap. It exists in the U.S., it exists in Europe, it”s been around for quite a while.

Czech Gender Statistics »

I believe the equality between the genders in the Czech Republic has greatly increased in the recent decades. From my point of view, the gender issues in the US and in the Czech are nearly identical. The society has been moving in the right direction and gender equality is one of the priorities of Czech […]

Japan is a male society »

Over the last 20 years, many women have started working after graduating from college. This is probably because the 10-year-recession has forced women to work after their husband’s wages were cut again and again. However, it is still very common for women to get married instead of working right after graduation. Mainly this is because […]

Women’s Rights in Ecuador »

Although Ecuador is a really beautiful country and I am proud to be an Ecuadorian, Ecuador is very behind in Women’s Rights. Most of Ecuadorian women are housewives that dedicate their whole life to the wellness of their husbands and kids.

Moroccan Women in continuous progress »

International Women’s day on March 8th is an imperative day in Morocco since it is an occasion to drive the attention to women’s achievements in many fields. Indeed the Moroccan woman plays a significant role in the society because of her contribution to education, the economy and politics. But before talking about women in Morocco […]

Genders in Argentina »

For years and years women have struggled for more and equal rights in society, but today in the XXI century we are still talking about this topic. The role of women varies in every society, depending on the country and the culture (sometimes including religion). In my case, I have to talk about Argentina and […]

Women Effect »

For 200 years Chilean women have fought a lot to have a place in the society outside of their houses. They have not only asked for political rights, but also to have possibilities of study after high school and the chance to become professionals. At the beginning of last century, the concepts of woman and […]