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Czech Gender Statistics

I believe the equality between the genders in the Czech Republic has greatly increased in the recent decades. From my point of view, the gender issues in the US and in the Czech are nearly identical. The society has been moving in the right direction and gender equality is one of the priorities of Czech governmental policy. However, a lot of work will still have to be done. For example, the pay gap between women and men is 25% and the percentage of women in the Czech parliament is only 15.5%, putting us on the 76th place in the world… These numbers are very similar to the ones in the US. More fun statistics? …

Here is the graph of the men and women ratios across industries. We can see significant inequalities.
Here on the other hand is graph showing the ratios of higher education. We can see that the inequality has nearly disappeared in the recent years.
Here is another interesting statistic, showing the unmarried/married/divorced rate. We can see that there is about 20% divorce rate in the Czech Republic.
Here are the top gender challenges of the Czech government:
– Ageism and sexism. These are the most frequent causes of discrimination faced by people seeking employment
– Renumeration. The pay gap between women and men is 25%.
– Under representation of women within decision making positions.
– Under representation of women in the public and political sectors.
– Discrimination against employees (both men and women) on the grounds of child-care or care of a senior relative still exists.
source: Czech Bureau of Statistics http://www.czso.cz/csu/cizinci.nsf/engkapitola/gender_uvod

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