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Genders in Argentina

For years and years women have struggled for more and equal rights in society, but today in the XXI century we are still talking about this topic. The role of women varies in every society, depending on the country and the culture (sometimes including religion). In my case, I have to talk about Argentina and the situation today, how different is from the USA or not.

In Argentina gender is not a big deal, really similar to what happens here. I have to admit that it used to be a really “machista” society, where the man played the most important roles. But in our short history we have already had two female presidents, something that could be read as a sign of that change.
Sometimes I wonder if we are ever going to stop debating about the differences of genders and how that could be achieved. I think it is men acceptance is needed but there also needs to be a change in women idiosyncrasy, because sometimes they are even more “machistas” than the men.
*Machismo is a prominently exhibited or excessive masculinity. [1] As an attitude, machismo ranges from a personal sense of virility to a more extreme male chauvinism. In many cultures, machismo is acceptable and even expected.

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