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Women Effect

For 200 years Chilean women have fought a lot to have a place in the society outside of their houses. They have not only asked for political rights, but also to have possibilities of study after high school and the chance to become professionals. At the beginning of last century, the concepts of woman and culture did not meet at any point. Females were educated to be housekeepers and mothers; nobody thought to go in another direction.

The culture, in all of its aspects, was monopolized by the men, only they could continue studying after high school. This was the major point of marginalization for women.
In 1877, a new law allowed women to go to the University even though women were still discriminated against and victim to huge psychological pressure. As the years went by, women could not only go to the University, but they also got together to fight for their cultural, economics, civic and social opportunities and rights. The biggest clubs were “Círculo de Lectoras” where they studied literature and “Club de Señoras” where they developed their capacities. In the year 1949, the government gave women the right to vote. In January of 2006, Michelle Bachelet was elected president of Chile with the 53% of the votes.
The relevance of women these days would have been unthinkable some time ago. At this moment there are still few differences that still need change, to improve equality between men and women. The main thing that we all need to understand is that men and women are not the same. We were created differently for many reasons and that’s why we cannot be asked to be treated in the exact same way as them.

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