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Books, movies and music I would recommend

For writing this post I was trying to decide which book would I recommend people to read, and since most of the books I read are history ones was a difficult task.

But from all the ones I read, I would recommend two:
1- First one is: The Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth. It is really captivating because of the way the author describes the scenes and atmospheres. But it should be read as a novel not as a history book.
2- The second is Religions. This book I found really interesting because gives you a broad view of the biggest religions in the world, comparing them not only with their beliefs also the philosophy. You don’t need to be a religious person in order to like or understand this book, it is for people who is willing to understand many things of the world that have basis or religious backgrounds.
Now I have to move into movies. How can you recommend only one movie? Again I love history so if I had to choose my favorites ones are definitely 2:
1- La Vita è bella (Life is beautiful) – Roberto Benigni. There are tons of movies that take place during WWII, but I enjoyed this one more than the others because of the original way that this Italian director chose to show the suffering and cruelty of a war: from the innocence of a little boy.
2- Forrest Gump – Robert Zemeckis. This movie is one of my favorites because shows the most important events in the US history in the last 40 years using humor, innocence and melodrama.
Moving into music I listen to many different styles but basically heavy rock. Since I would like to recommend something that everyone could like and from my country I choose Ska music. The name of the band is Los Autenticos Decadentes which is a really powerful band live and in every party when they play their music everyone runs to the dance floor. Here it is a link to a show of them in Mexico, enjoy it:

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