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California Dreamin’

A train that transports ammunition for a strategic American mission in Kosovo is halted for five days in a Romanian countryside station. The reason: the overly zealous, high binder railway chief requires presentation of the official paperwork for the delivery. Obviously, the papers have never been issued since no one thought that such a delivery would be questioned by a countryside railway chief.

The event revives the Romanian obsession in 1944, when everyone was waiting for the Americans to come and rescue Romania from German occupation. Now, since the Americans have finally come, the mayor goes out of his way to make their stay as nice as possible by throwing outdoor parties and social activities. He has a hidden agenda though: to win the guests to his side and win his lifelong dispute with the railway chief. Meanwhile, the daughter of the railway chief falls for a soldier but because she can’t speak English, she must ask a fellow secretly in love classmate to translate her feelings into English. This film is certainly a must see and this is coming from my American friends who watched it!
California Dreamin’ (original title) 2007
Directed by: Cristian Nemescu
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OVb2PxMmxI&feature=player_embedded

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