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Popular music, books and movies in Japan

Hi~ How was everyone’s spring break? I went down to L.A. for the Spring TaB, and protested against companies on the street. I lost my voice because of yelling too much during the protesting. After few days I was able to speak, but my friend said I sound like a 40 years old businessman. Now I got a lot better, at least I only sound like a 30 year old man. Improvement!

Anyway, the topic of this time is about the national favorite music, books and movies.
1) “Someday,” by EXILE. EXILE is a very popular male singer group now, and you can tell when you listen how loud the appreciation is from their fans in the following video.


“Someday” is their new song, and it is about that if we keep believing about something, it will come true SOMEDAY.
2) “Himawari” (Sun flower), by Yuusuke ( Real name: Kamiji Yuusuke). He is not a singer. He was a baseball player, then became a comedian. His big break was in Quiz Hexagon II by his stupidity. He always gives unbelievable answers which made the host and audience laugh so hard. He is a happy person that no matter how people make fun of his stupidity, he always keeps smiling. His song is basically about encouraging people, such as a stupid person like me still can live very happily, so everything is possible.


I’d like to introduce this song because although he is not very professional, he is a hard worker and always willing to try.
3) “It’s all love,” by Koda Kumi and Misono. Let’s just say it’s a song that is sung by two hot girls.
P.S. Misono is Koda Kumi’s younger sister.
4) “Yasashisade ahureruyouni” (I’m all around by the kindness and your tenderness), by JUJU.


She is a Japanese singer who had lived in New York.
I’m not a big fan of reading, and the only books I have read except Manga and textbooks are the seven books of Harry Potter. However, I luckily got the help from my friends back in Japan to give me the information of which books are popular lately:
1) “MuShumi no Susume” (recommend you about being not interested in anything), by Murakami Ryu.
Murakami Ryu is a very famous writer, and it’s interesting because he is more famous in Europe and China rather than Japan. This is his new book and is basically says that being interested in something makes people felt secure, and people are unlikely change the current situation when they feel safe. Thus, if you are not interested in anything, it makes you felt fear and so behind others, but at the same time, you will be more considerate of your life and think of changing your life.
2) Paradokkusu13 (paradox13) , by Higashino Keigo, a story that assumes if the paradox of the world changes, it is possible for the view of right and wrong changes. It brings up to the point of what right and wrong really are.
3) My personal favorite, there is a book I always want to read—> “Ganbare Jyagaimo” (Keep trying good luck potato!) by Root Barry. It describes the funny stories that have occurred when Potato Dad, Potato Mom, Potato Kids skip from a resturant and go to a festival. I always like this kind of story, where food actually can talk and move.
1) Yatta-Man: A couple of Japanese famous stars are in this movie and it keeps ranking at the first place for two weeks.

2)Madagasukaru: I personally really want to watch it.

3) Watchman: Finally it arrived at Japan, but I didn’t have a good memory for this movie because I thought it was just an action movie.


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