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Que tan lejos….

When it comes to movies, books and music, I think that there is a movie, that pictures Ecuador better than any other production before.

The name of the movie is “Que tan lejos,” which means “How much further?” It is an Ecuadorian production that came out in 2006.
In this road movie, humor and sadness balance nicely. The backdrop is the Andes in Ecuador, the foreground, two young women. One hails from Barcelona, the other is from Quito –and both converge on their way to Cuenca, Ecuador’s third largest city. Their motives for going are disparate but they become one as the road unwinds, gets blocked and meanders through unsought destinations.
It is a voyage of self-discovery as it is a voyage of revelation of some of the nuances of a third-world country.
Tristeza, the self-named protagonist, gives a poignant, ironic glimpse into young Ecuadorian womanhood and the travails of a youth culture coming to terms with conventional ambitions.
Que tan lejos, should rather be, Wow, that’s far, goes much further than one expects from a movie industry still in diapers as the one in Ecuador. Without resorting to any special effects and without resorting to car chases, bullets, or invincible heroes, it manages to tell a story of companionship, love and resignation in tones, colors and textures that one sorely misses in most of today’s popular movies. It also gives two very different readings about Ecuador’s realities, one from the visiting Spaniard, another from the Ecuadorian young woman.
Que tan lejos definitely goes further, while one laughs, smiles or empathizes during an hour and a half that one wishes not to end.
Here is a link to the trailer.
I am sorry but I could not find a trailer in English.

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