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I found some interesting Youtube links about Vietnam here.
The first one is an introduction of “Pho” – a symbol of Vietnamese cuisine – from Anthony Bourdain. For those of you don’t know about Anthony, he’s known for eating pretty much EVERYTHING and ANYTHING on Travel Channel. He also claims that the most disgusting thing he has ever eaten is Chicken McNugget. So yes, he doesn’t fit into everybody’s taste :)


Sorry for the profanity and sexual references in the clip!
If the clip really makes your mouth water, there are several really good Vietnamese restaurants in Salem. Ask me at hpham@willamette.edu if you want to find one
The next one is clip about our traditional dress “Ao Dai.” The background music is one of the most popular Viet songs


I’m not a big fan of war movies myself, but it’s sad that most popular movies about Vietnam all have “the war” in it. If you ‘re a war movie fan, here is a pretty comprehensive list of Vietnam War films

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