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Watch: Czech Animated Films

Czech animated films have gained international acclaim for their originality and artistic qualities. Watch the trailers for two recent movies to find out how they are different. It’s the animation technique but also the fascinating, inventive and unusual stories for animated films. And you will also get to hear some Czech!

The first film is called “In the Attic.” It’s a story of a peaceful and content life of old toys and many other “creatures” living in one old attic, until one day the attic is invaded by the creatures from the Evil Empire. They kidnap the doll – main character who is loved by everyone. The journey to the end of the world, where the Evil Empire lies, begins, to rescue the doll and the mission to save the life in the attic begins.

The second film is called “Fimfarum.” It features stories from old classical Czech fairy tales and and was a huge success when released three years ago. The main message of each story is that hard-working, good-hearted people with common sense and simple lives defeat the malicious intentions of evil in the world. The following link shows how the film was created, including a commentary about its history etc.


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