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The Last Article in My Junior Year—-H1M1

It took me a long time to write this last article partially because the word “last”, which has a magical power, made me felt I have to write something special.
However, it’s mostly because the jet lag had runied my days.
The first few days after I backed to Japan, I kept sleeping at 3pm and woke up around midnight. What the heck….? I looked up online, then I found out I had been sleeping excat from 11pm to 8am at OR time!
Jet lag is amazing.

Anyway, this time I want to talk about 新型インフルエンザ( the flu H1M1).
The first time I heard about H1M1 was few days before I left for Japan. I got three international phone calls from my mom, my grandma, and one of my friend. They all asked me to wear a mask on the day I head to the air port. I said I will because I figured out if I don’t say yes the phone call will never end, and I started to think where I can get a mask in Salem, I don’t see any….Safeway?
Oh well, I forgot about it after 2 seconds, and I was glad I didn’t wear a mask because there was NOBODY wore one.
The second time I was thinking something about H1M1 was that maybe H1M1 is pretty serious in Japan, because I took, we all took, a hour and half long healthy condition check just for GETTING OFF FROM THE FLIGHT.
There was someone sit behind me said, “If there’s anyone wants to sneeze, they should be patient and DON’t SNEEZE HERE.” Yeah, seriously, if someone sneezed here, we probably have to stay a hour more longer.
The third time I thought about H1M1, I realized it’s quite serious in Tokyo when I saw there were about 20 housewives waited in a line ousite a drug store just want to buy a mask.
The afternoon of that day, all drug stores which are closed to my house sold out masks.
The day later, the mass media said it’s difficult to purchase a mask in Tokyo since most store sold out and many companies also demends masks for their employees.
I was seriously thinking “Oh my God, is that going to be a city panic over masks?”
Although they only found three people have H1M1 in Tokyo.
The forth time remained me about H1M1 was in a station.
I was thinking I also need a mask, nor I’m just going to stay at home.
I sneezed in the station, the old lady who sit next to me JUMPED from the seat, walked away, and gave me a why-you’re-here-you-should-go-to-hospital look.
I think I need a mask that is not for my safety, just for do not scare people around me.
H1M1 is more serious in Kansai (Southern part of Japan), and there are over 300 people have H1M1. However, as WTO is going to test vaccine in July and will make the decision of weither to start a large production of the vaccine or not in August, lately H1M1 is not that scary in Japan, and many schools in Kansai re-start classes again.
Thus, in my opinion, H1M1 panic will soon be gone, and maybe I can purchase a mask in the near future.

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