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Welcome! :) »

As WWN editors, we’d like to give a warm welcome to all of our new contributors for the 2009-2010 year. Our diverse pool of writers come from all over the world: Belgium, Colombia, Chile, China, Czech Republic, India, Japan, Vietnam, and Sweden!
~Beyza, Jan, Jessa

Sakina from India »

Hello Readers, I am Sakina Vohra from Mumbai, India. I am in my first year of graduation at the Atkinson Graduate School of Management. I am in the US for just over a month and so I still feel homesick. Well to make myself feel better and to pass on some great information to the [...]

Joy from China »

Hello, everyone. I am Si Wei (Joy) ZHANG, from Beijing, China. I got my bachelor degree from the University of Hong Kong this year. My major was Accounting and Finance. I am now studying in MBA program at Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

Bakhtear from Bangladesh »

Hi Friends,
I am Bakhtear U Talukdar ,a first year MBA at Atkinson, from Bangladesh. I am here under Fulbright Scholarship which is one of the prestigious scholarships in the academic world. I worked in different organizations; my experience ranges from working in World Bank’s million dollar project, citigroup, central bank of my country to a [...]

Greeting from Sweden »

My name is Martina Eriksson and I was born and raised in a very small town in the south of Sweden, called Olofström. After high school I studied art and the English language for a couple of years and when I was 21 I decided to apply to a university in Sweden. In June this [...]

Hello from the Chinese Language Assistant »

My name is Diane Deng. I come from China, I’m a Chinese language assistant at WU. I majored in Translation and Interpreting in the Master degree studies and works in Xiamen University in China. I have been teaching in Xiamen for five years while also working temporarily as a consecutive and simultaneous interpreter for conferences, [...]

¡Hola a todos! »

Hello everybody!
My name is Alejandra from Colombia. I studied Translation at the University of Antioquia (Medellin- Colombia) and I have been teaching English in Colombia for two years. I love languages because they give you the opportunity to know more about cultures and different ways of thinking.

Xin chao Willamette »

I’m Minh coming from Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam. This is actually the first time I’ve ever been abroad this long. I’m so excited about my 2 years of MBA in Atkinson graduate school – where I will gain not only knowledge but exposure to the multi-cultures which each of you represent.

Akkadet from Thailand »

Hi! I’m Akkadet from Chiang Mai, the second largest city in Thailand. I
am now first-year student at Atkinson School of Management which I hope
that I would gain more knowledge in real-world business and thus focus on
my career path.
My interests are swimming, Thai Boxing, traveling and novel reading.
I hope that my participation in Willamette World [...]

Hello! »

Bonjour tout le monde! I’m Pascal from Belgium and I’ll be be the Teaching Assistant for French classes at Willamette University this year. I studied languages and literature and I graduated last year from the University of Liege.

こんにちわ! »

Hi~everyone, How was the summer???
Say, let me start a short introduction here, for those who don’t know me, and for those who know me but don’t remember exactly who I am. I’m Yu Senzaki, I’ve been writing this blog since last year and i’m an international student from Japan.You probably won’t see me around Campus [...]

Hola!! »

Hello! I’m Pablo and I am from Chile. I was born in the beautiful city of Valparaiso (on UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 2003), one of the main ports of the Pacific during the 19th century. I graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso with majors in History and Education and minors in Geography [...]

Jan from the Czech Republic »

Ahoj ahoj ahoj!
For the faithful Willamette World News readers – this is Jan from the Czech Republic again! And to the new readers – welcome and thank you for reading! I like Oregon, Willamette Valley and Salem so much that after finishing my high school exchange year I had to come back to work [...]