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Hi~everyone, How was the summer???
Say, let me start a short introduction here, for those who don’t know me, and for those who know me but don’t remember exactly who I am. I’m Yu Senzaki, I’ve been writing this blog since last year and i’m an international student from Japan.You probably won’t see me around Campus very often because I’m living in the University Apartments and don’t have a meal plan, but still, if you have any problem with my blog, you can comment on it, facebook me, or just yell my name and stop me whenever you see me around.

Don’t think it’s rude, I think it’s a good step in starting a cultural exchange.:D
Oh by the way, I did the calculation of cooking by myself. If I cook at least 2 meals per day, it costs $5 and no more than $600 per semester. If we canceled the meal plan A and use this $1,900 on food expense, we will have about $1,300 extra, which is enough for all other living expenses, kitchen supplies, and cleaning stuff. I believe I even can receive extra from this $1,300, so maybe I can get myself an i-phone or something. 😛
Although there is an opportunity cost I become less socialized with my friends by not going to Goudy, I’m happy I can control the amount of Veggies and meat that I want to eat.
Living healthy, living happy.:)
That’s me, and hope to see you next time!

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