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Xin chao Willamette

I’m Minh coming from Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam. This is actually the first time I’ve ever been abroad this long. I’m so excited about my 2 years of MBA in Atkinson graduate school – where I will gain not only knowledge but exposure to the multi-cultures which each of you represent.

I want to make the best of every chance provided, to take participation and be an active part of Willamette University while being here. I also want to bring to the table more information about Vietnam. Our country is no longer a country of war- it is developing at a very fast-pace rate, with lots of modern and trendy youngsters.
Traveling, photography, cat and dogs, and reading novels and books have been my endless entertainment. I’d love to talk to you about these topics for hours.
My quote: “After all… tomorrow is another day” (Scarlet, Gone with the Wind).

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