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The Reunification Day on October 3

Hey! I am Saskia from Germany and I am the German Assistant for the Year 09/10. I was studying English and German for the last 4 Years in Münster. I just finished my Bachelors degree. I like so far being here and I am looking forward to meeting you all.

On 3 October 1990, when the five re-established states of the German Democratic Republic (GDR / East Germany) joined the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG / West Germany), and Berlin was united into a single city-state. The start of the unification process is made by former citizens of the GDR, referred to as “die Wende” (The Turning Point.).
The end of the unification process is officially referred to the German unity (German: Deutsche Einheit). The German Unity Day will be celebrated every year on October 3.
The year 2009 is a special year for Germany, especially for Berlin: The German capital celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, which came down on the eve of November 9th, 1989. Berlin kicked off its festivities last weekend, organized a party for the “Unity Day,” which lasted from October 2-4, 2009. The boulevard “Unter den Linden” was transformed into a colorful street fair, which led all the way up to the Brandenburg Gate, where you could have enjoyed open-air concerts all weekend long.
14 meter tall marionettes roamed the German capital for the “Unity day party.” The puppets, supplied by the French theater group “Royal de Luxe,” represent East and West Berlin – and at the end of the weekend, the puppets met below the “Brandenburger Tor” and clarified unity between East and West.
First Picture: Berlin Wall before the Fall of the Wall
Second Picture: After the Fall and a piece which is left in Berlin
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