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“Nang Nak” or Thai Ghost Wife

This week I would like to provide something related to the spooky Halloween event. It is about the legendary supernatural elements; “Nang Nak” or “Thai Ghost Wife” which is a very well known folk/ghost tale in Thailand. The popular legend tells that the story took place around mid 18th century. The story begins as a love story. A teenage girl named “Nak” fell in love with a handsome young man named “Maak”. Shortly after they got married, “Maak” was conscripted for military service, involuntarily leaving his pregnant bride behind with tears and fears.

The duteous wife waited for her lover’s return but unfortunately that day did never come. “Nak” died of childbirth complications during labor along with her unborn child. Although they were buried instantly according to local tradition, her strong spirit refused to perish. When her husband came back from the war, the ghost of “Nak” disguised herself and her “infant son” as humans. A heartbreaking story of love from beyond the grave took place.
Despite her arduous effort to blind her husband from reality, she couldn’t prevent him from learning the truth of her death. The revelation itself provided one of the most memorable scenes in the tale when “Maak” saw his wife oddly stretching her arm through the floor of their elevated house to pick up a fallen lime on the ground.
The supernatural romance then transformed into a frightening horror. The terrified husband ran away, and the scary ghost followed. In grief and despair “Nak” terrorized many country folks, venting her anger towards them for helping her husband to leave her. Eventually, her ghost was bound by a powerful exorcist. After confining her within an earthen jar, he threw it into the canal.
Here is the trailer of the movie that might help people who want to see the movie visualize what will happen next:

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