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Travels during Winter break! »

Hello World News readers! We’re kicking off our hopefully sunny spring semester with our first issue of: travels undertaken by our World News writers during their Winter breaks. We would also like to welcome two new contributors this spring semester: Wing Sze from Hong Kong and Rosie from Wales. We hope you’ll enjoy the experiences […]

Winter Break in Thailand »

Hi Everyone!! Hope you all have had a fabulous winter break. For me, I spent all of my winter break in my country: Thailand. It might seem pretty boring since I grew up in that country, however this break was very eye-opening and cozy. For the first week, I went to Chiangrai which is very […]

X-mas in San Francisco and Seattle »

Hello again, I’m Minh coming from Vietnam. So far I have been in the States for half a year, wow! Time flies so fast, especially when you are always loaded with tons of assignments. I hope to hear that you guys had enjoyed your vacations as much as I did. 😛 This past X-mas I […]

My Winter Break trip in Ecuador »

Hi everyone. I am Siwei (Joy) Zhang, from Beijing China. I am now enrolled in the MBA program in Atkinson Graduate School, concentrating on Accounting. To make my self-introduction more interesting, I’d like to skip over my ‘Background facts’. Let’s jump to the most important part! 😛 I love traveling around the world. During the […]

Hello! »

Hello all, My name’s Rosie and I’m from the UK. I live near Birmingham in England (almost dead center) but I spend almost half of the year in my university town of Aberystwyth in Wales. I know it’s a mouthful. All Welsh words are. Just remember that Y is pronounced as I. I’m here in […]

The winter break in Quito, Ecuador »

I went to Ecuador for the winter break. Since I had a really bad memory with snow last winter break -when I was stuck in Salem for two weeks- I decided to go to some place warm, or some place it would never snow, this winter break. So I changed four different flights (PDX –> […]

Hello everyone »

I am Wing Sze from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am here in Willamette University as an exchange student merely for this Spring Semester 2010. I am so excited to be in America as this is the first time for me to come to America. I am looking forward to experiencing as much […]

Road Trip »

Hey to you all. I hope you had also a great winter break either at home with your family and friends or on the road like many of us. In my winter break I went traveling South on the West coast to see all fancy places I ever wanted to see if I was ever […]

We are back :) & Happy New Year! »

Hello Readers, I am Sakina Vohra, and I hope you remember me. Well wishing you all a Happy New Year and I hope you all had a great time during your winter break. My winter break was good because I spent a good time with my family. I spent the initial few days in Salem […]

Winter Vacation »

Hi everyone! I hope that you all had an enjoyable winter break and that this new semester will be even more fun than the last one. This week, I was asked to write about my winter travels: that is quite an arduous task as I did travel a lot through the USA during the break, […]

Winterbreak trip around the US »

Welcome back everybody! I hope everyone had a great break. My break was good but very stressful and a lot of cold weather. As you all know I’m from Sweden and therefore should be used to the cold and the snow, but I must say that I was not prepared when I arrived in upstate […]

A Colombian Christmas in New Jersey »

Well, I could tell you about my trip to Washington DC, New York or Atlantic City. I could also describe all the amazing things I saw there like interesting museums, historical monuments, big parks, and stunning skyscrapers. However, if there’s something I really like about the USA it’s the possibility of finding cultures from all […]

Scenic Site in China Inspired Settings in Avatar »

Before the movie “Avatar” made its grand international premiere and hit phenomenal box office success, a Hollywood photographer came to Zhangjiajie in 2008 and took pictures that inspired artists who designed the settings of Avatar.

Winter in the Czech Republic »

After 10 days in the little town of Sandpoint in Northern Idaho, the home of the awesome Schweitzer ski mountain and even more awesome family of my girlfriend (Willamette ’10), both her and I headed for the daunting meet-the-taborsky family adventure back to my motherland.

Winter break »

I can’t really say that I did a lot of traveling this last winter break, especially because I was more concerned with a few things that were far more important to me at the moment (like applying to graduate school!). I did have plans to go to Victoria (Canada), but I only went as far […]