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We are back :) & Happy New Year!

Hello Readers, I am Sakina Vohra, and I hope you remember me. Well wishing you all a Happy New Year and I hope you all had a great time during your winter break. My winter break was good because I spent a good time with my family. I spent the initial few days in Salem working for the school, watching good movies and ‘Friends,’ my favorite stress buster. To begin my ‘real’ vacation I flew to LA to visit my sister’s family and the new kid. My sister lives in Northridge and it was amazing to have a complete weather change. California has always been known for the 365 bright sunny days. I love it!

We visited a couple of places in and around LA to mention a few was Santa Monica, the famous third street, the Grove, the beautiful shopping and dining area in the heart of the city. Our New Year celebration was quite a modest one; we went out for some good Chinese food, saw some firecrackers bursting all around and hugged each other once it was 12  I spent about 10 days and then flew back to Salem. The rest of the days were busy due to school work and catching up with friends. I was excited and tense at the same time thinking about school. Let’s see how things go and I hope to have a great start to the new years and the new semester. Bye for now before we meet next.

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