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Winter break

I can’t really say that I did a lot of traveling this last winter break, especially because I was more concerned with a few things that were far more important to me at the moment (like applying to graduate school!). I did have plans to go to Victoria (Canada), but I only went as far as Stanwood, a small town north of Seattle to visit my in-laws, because I got sick. It was still fun, and I have to say I love Washington and how the continent begins to divide in that area, so you can start seeing some islands.

There are a few rivers, some majestic mountains and of course, those beautiful shades of green on trees that you can appreciate. The scenery is quite breathtaking; places like Deception Pass or Camano Island are just stunning. But for most of you, this might be old news; nevertheless, every time I am in Washington, it reminds me of my favorite places in Chile, Chiloe Island. I already mentioned Chiloe on my Halloween entry back in October, but if there is a place that I would have loved to go to vacation this past winter break, it would have been Chiloe (especially since it is summer in Chile). The island is not only surrounded by a series of myths, that most of the locals still believe, but by a beauty that is absolutely amazing. The archipelago around the main island is quite unique, and the people are extremely nice.
Deception Pass:

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