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Winterbreak trip around the US

Welcome back everybody!
I hope everyone had a great break. My break was good but very stressful and a lot of cold weather. As you all know I’m from Sweden and therefore should be used to the cold and the snow, but I must say that I was not prepared when I arrived in upstate New York during Christmas to celebrate with some friends.

Christmas there was very different than it is at home (we celebrate on the 24th) and I found myself missing my family and our traditional food a lot. But I did get to experience a lot of fun parties and got to meet some famous people too, which include a photographer for Ugly Betty and Stephen Lang from Avatar. After that I spent New Years Eve in New York City, which was really not what I expected it to be. I thought that I would see fireworks and a lot of people but apparently New Yorkers hate Times Square, which seemed to be the only place to see these things.
After the holidays my brother and father arrived to the US for the first time. They came to visit me and we stayed for a while in the city to sight see. During this time the snowstorm hit and we were freezing our butts off while walking through Central park. During our stay there we also went on a bus tour down to Washington D.C where we saw Abraham Lincoln and the White House among other things. We then left for Nashville, TN. My father and I have always been big country music fans and we ended up staying in Nashville for a little while. I must say that there is not much to see in that city when it’s wintertime. We ended up going to the Grand Ole Opri, which was a dream come true, and visited the great statue of Athena that they have there.
After that we continued on to a warmer climate and ended up staying at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. We didn’t do a lot of gambling while we were there but we did see some movies and shows and of course we watched the Bellagio fountain show more then once. We also took a tour out to the west rim of the Grand Canyon, where we walked on glass over the open air on the skywalk bridge.
We arrived back in Portland; exhausted from the trips we’d taken. My family still got to see the campus though and experience the rain here in Oregon. We even got the see a real live beaver at the riverfront. And of course we got some strange looks in the Willamette store when we were speaking Swedish to each other, a language seldom heard here in Salem.

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